Adding, Deleting, & Managing Your Linkr-MBT Devices

Adding Linkr-MBT devices to your account

Step 1: While logged into the app, From the ‘VEHICLES’ screen, tap the blue “+” symbol at the bottom right.

Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions to place the Linkr-MBT module into pairing mode. When the blue light on the module flashes rapidly, press “CONTINUE”

NOTE: The device will not enter pairing mode while actively connected to another user’s phone. 

Step 3: You should see the device listed on the screen. Press it to select. If you see more than one, verify the device serial number matches the desired device. The device can only be paired/connected to one phone at a time. If the status shows as “unavailable”, ask any other users to leave the app or turn off their Bluetooth momentarily

Step 4: The device will connect then ask if you want to take ownership or enter test mode.

OWNERSHIP: This adds the device to your account and gives you full functionality.
TEST MODE: This gives you temporary control and you do not take ownership of the device. This is ideal for professional installers who need temporary access during installation for setup or to help a returning customer with system configuration. NOTE: If you leave the app or leave Bluetooth range, the device will leave the app and must be paired again to re-enter test mode. This prevents taking accidental ownership. 

Step 5: The device will connect, go to the control screen, and you can begin using the device. 

Deleting devices from your account

To delete devices/vehicles from your account, press/hold the device in your vehicles list and swipe left. When the red ‘Delete’ button appears, tap it. This will make the device like new again and is open for anyone to claim ownership. 

Change the vehicle list order

You can change the order of your vehicle list by pressing/holding vehicles and dragging them up or down.