Device Settings

Device Settings

From the vehicle Control screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to access device settings. These settings will only apply to the current device you are using. All settings are securely saved to your account in the cloud for easy recall/restore should you need to change phones or reinstall the app. 

Device Info: This is where you can manage general details about your Linkr and check for any firmware updates that may be available. 

  • Name: You can rename the Linkr to anything you like to help identify which vehicle you are using more easily. 
  • Model: This is the model number of the device you are currently connected to
  • Serial: This is your Linkr device’s unique serial number. 
  • Owner: This tells you who owns the device you are connected to. This is normally you unless you are an authorized user for someone else’s device.
  • Firmware: This shows you the current version firmware of your Linkr device. Press the blue “Check For Update” button to ensure you have the latest features and best performance from your Linkr. If updating, do not close the app, walk away, or disconnect from you Linkr device. NOTE: This is only available to the device owner. Authorized users do not have access to this feature. 

Edit Image: This allows you to change/edit the image used in the vehicle icon on the control screen.

System Configuration: This allows you to access the programmable features menus and check for firmware updates for your remote start/alarm system. You can confidently make changes without mistake. No more counting button presses, light flashes, or chirps! 
NOTE: Your system must support this functionality. 
NOTE: This is only available to the owner of the device. Authorized users do not have access to this feature. 

Auxiliary Functions: This allows you to enable/disable the icons/buttons on the control screen for any “aux” functions. Enabling these only add the button to the control screen. This does not mean the function is available in your vehicle. Consult your installer to learn about any available aux functions. 

Authorized Users: This allows you to grant control-only access to to anyone you’d like. Think of it as a virtual key fob that allows any friend, family member, coworker, etc. to lock, unlock, or start the vehicle. With off-grid control, this is great for family camping, kid sporting events, or any situation where people need regular (or temporary) access to the vehicle WITHOUT giving them (and potentially losing) the keys. 

  • Authorized users must download the LINKR MOBILE app and register with their email address. You need their email address to add them. 
  • To delete an authorized user, just hold and slide them to the left to see the red “DELETE” button. You can easily add them again at any time!