The Control Screen

The Control Screen

From the ‘Vehicles’ screen, tap the vehicle you wish to control. If you have already controlled a vehicle the last time you used the app, it will automatically return to the last used vehicle’s control screen upon returning to the app. 

Access Device Settings: In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a gear icon. Tap this to access the Linkr device settings. For more info on device settings, CLICK HERE.

Vehicle Icon/Image:  Your vehicle’s image icon is in the top center of the screen. This allows you to quickly identify which vehicle you are currently controlling. Tap the icon to edit/change your vehicle image. 

Control Functions: The most common operations like lock, unlock, & start are on the main control bar of this screen. Tap the “hamburger” icon in the lower center of the screen to open the auxiliary control functions menu. This will only be populated if extra functions are enabled in device settings AND they are connected/functional in your vehicle. Consult your install for more info on which functions are available.

About The Control Icons

  • WHITE icon means the dormant/inactive state of any function. 
  • BLUE icon means the function is being actively performed
  • GREEN icon means the function was successfully performed and LINKR MOBILE received confirmation from the vehicle.

The Info Bar: 

  • The blue signal strength icon displays the connectivity status & signal strength from your Linkr device to your smartphone
  • The clock in the center reflects the remaining remote start run time. TIP: Tap the “START” button during remote start to reset the run time back to 100%. This is useful when you need a little more time to get to your vehicle. 
  • The temperature reading tells you how how/cold it is in your vehicle’s interior. A compatible remote start is required for this. For example, all Excalibur 70 series remote starters have a built in temp sensor that provides this information. 

Locked/Unlocked Status: A green arrow will appear below the lock or unlock icon to indicate the current system/vehicle lock status.

Off-Grid Control: Control is always available to you whether or not your phone has cellular/internet connection. This is useful for anyone that parks where coverage is limited. Hikers, campers, deep nature lovers, this is for you!